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About Us

About Riverside Adventure

For over 30 years Riverside Adventures has provided British Columbia’s premier rafting experience. Being a family owned and operated business has allowed us to focus on the little things keeping the experience unique for everyone.

In 2019 Riverside Adventures Ltd began a new chapter under Sam Charvet. Sam has shown a level of enthusiasm that is only equaled by his knowledge of the rafting and water safety industries. With the support of his lovely wife Alla and three little munchkins, Sam is sure to build upon the strong foundation of Riverside Adventures.

Sam has a high-energy, fun-loving demeanor that is absolutely contagious. He has been around water his whole life. His first time rafting he was only 10 years old. When he graduated from high school and couldn’t think what to take in University, he went rafting. Sam has been a certified Raft Guide and White-Water Rescue Technician since 2006 and has been rafting ever since.

In 2009, Sam migrated from Ontario to British Columbia to go to school for Adventure Tourism. He had no idea the mountains and rivers of B.C. would create a perfect home. Sam has rafted rivers across Canada, the USA, and Mexico, and has the experience to recognize the white water in Wells Gray is truly world class. Sam takes great pride in providing top notch, one-of-a-kind trips that are sure to make it a memory you will never forget.

Sam says: “We are excited about your visit to Wells Gray Park for a unique B.C. river rafting adventure. We can customize your trip for any comfort level and ability, and can make accommodations to suit almost anyone. No matter what trip you choose with Riverside Adventures, safety and enjoyment of the river experience are our top priorities.”

With an emphasis on having the safety tours possible along with informative and fun, Riverside Adventures prides itself on our world class adventure tours.  With a perfect safety record (the only one on this river) Riverside’s water safety experts were enlisted to provide moving water hazard assessment and rescue for the flooding disaster in the fall of 2021.




sam and alla, owners riverside adventures
whitewater rafting bc canada
mom, baby & dog canoeing bc canada
whitewater rafting bc canada

Our Goals

  • Industry leading safety
  • Most fun you can fit in a raft
  • Highest quality of guide training and equipment
  • Preservation of the beautiful British Columbia and Wells Gray Park ecosystems.
  • To teach our guests something new every tour.  (Geology, flora, fauna, history, first nations, etc)

Our goals are to create an enjoyable experience while providing the highest level of safety. For over 25 years, Riverside Adventure has had a perfect safety record on the river. This starts with Guide Training. Our guides are hand picked and have the skills required of any top-level outfitter. We have regular skills training sessions, and all of our guides are certified in Swiftwater Rescue and Wilderness First aid. Good trips require good guides, and Riverside Adventures prides itself on having the great guides.

Providing the safest trips possible also requires the best gear possible. At Riverside Adventures we have great quality gear for keeping people of all shapes and sizes warm. Staying warm is a major part of staying safe and enjoying your trip more. Great gear is more than what you wear. We also have top rafts, paddles and safety equipment to make sure the trip runs as smoothly as possible.

As ambassadors of Wells Gray Provincial park and the British Columbia Provincial Park system, we at Riverside Adventures are committed to the preservation of the delicate ecosystems that encompass all of B.C. A large part of our commitment consists of a policy of Leave No Trace, which is a set of outdoor principals dedicated to promoting and inspiring responsible outdoor recreation through education, research and partnerships.

mom, baby & dog canoeing bc canada
whitewater rafting bc canada