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Our People

Sam Charvet - Owner/Guide

For over 14 years Sam has enjoyed guiding on the rivers.  Originally from Ontario he made his way out to British Columbia in 2009 for rafting and skiing and has never looked back.  Sam will tell everyone that he has the best job in the World.  Sam has an energy that is contagious.  In the off season you will find Sam working with his local Fire Department.  His love for rafting and helping people have a good time is obvious.  Sam makes sure our trips are above any safety standards and sets our bar at the top.  Come meet the team and have a great ride.

Jamie - Head Guide

Jamie has seen it all and has worked on every habitable continent on earth.  With over 20 years of experience in the whitewater industry Jamie has quickly become a key part of our stellar operations.  His leadership on the river along with his stories from around the globe make his boat always a great ride.  He has quickly learned about our brilliant wilderness and is keen to share some cool natural and cultural history and some brilliant whitewater with you!

Lindsay Herring - Lead Guide

After 17 seasons guiding we have been incredibly lucky that Lindsay chose Clearwater to settle down and become a school teacher.  Along with her wealth of river experience Lindsay has such an outgoing personality you are sure to love every minute on her raft.  In her spare time when she is not teaching or guiding, Lindsay loves to do anything outdoors.  Having guided all over the world Lindsay has some fantastic stories.  We can’t wait for you to meet her this summer!

Dan - Photo/safety boater

If your looking to have some happy days then Dan’s your Man!  Coming to us from New Zealand Dan has some pretty solid skills in a kayak and behind a camera.  Dan has worked as a freestyle ski instructor, raft guiding, and for a top end race car manufacturer.  He is a jack of all trades and has mastered a few of them already.  You will love the pictures he takes of your family or group when you join us this summer!


Robert Beaudry - Guide

Robert has been guiding longer than most people have been alive.  He started Riverside Adventures 28 years ago and hasn’t missed a season on the river since.  Robert knows more about the Clearwater River than most people know about their own children.  He also helped start the Adventure Guide Program at Thompson Rivers University.  Robert is a world class kayak instructor, guide, and river rescue instructor.  When not guiding with us Robert can still be found on the river at any point of the day.  Other than kayak surfing Robert takes full advantage of the fantastic mountain biking trails around the Clearwater area.  Come say hi to him this summer, I am sure he has a story or two.

Mike Dally - Guide

Mike is from New Zealand.  As a former Lead Guide with over 10 years experience in different parts of the world, Mike has seen everything.  He has the stories to back that up.  After moving permanently to BC in 2017 Mike married his beautiful wife Tekarra just last year and they are a match made in heaven.  Currently mike is in pilot school and should be finished by the end of 2020.  Mike is an outdoor expert with some impressive credentials including a 3rd place finish in Crankworx New Zealand.  He doesn’t get much time away from pilot school but he will be around occasionally all summer.

Kim - Office Manager

Kim has lived in Clearwater for over 30 years and really enjoys the small-town life.  She loves spending time outdoors and thinks that hiking in Wells Gray Park is one of the most beautiful places in the world to be in nature.  Doesn’t matter the season, there is always something spectacular to look at in that park.  When not exploring or playing some other sports, Kim has recently started painting.  She really looks forward to meeting all of our new guests and is ready with recommendations for things to do in the area.  Please feel free to ask about any tips as to great areas to explore during your visit to our own local paradise.

Ray - Driver

Ray has lived in Clearwater for 47 years and doesn’t plan on leaving any time soon.  Until retirement he worked the very precise trade of saw filer in the lumber industry.  Since retirement Ray has picked up beekeeping and has become the local Guru.  Ray even takes time to teach any locals who show interest in beekeeping for themselves.  A truly kind spirit, Ray doesn’t even have to wear a bee suit when tending his hives.  He is happy to talk to you on the drives about anything and is a great knowledge base for the hiking in the area.  You can also sample his honey directly from our shop.

Chance - Trail Guide / Photographer

Chance has been a resident of Clearwater for the past 10 years.  During this time he has risen the ranks in the local fire department and is now Captain.  With his 2 boys aged 17 and 13 Chance gets out into the hills and trails every time he gets a second.  He also does some contract work with forest fire fighting departments.  Chance will tell anyone who will listen about how hiking the mountains of Wells Gray Park has helped him to truly discover himself.  While exploring Chance started taking pictures and is now so highly skilled that many of the best pictures you will see of the park are by Chance’s hands.  Make sure to stop by and ask about hiking in the park, we are sure you will be blown away.

Alla - The Real Boss

You may not see her very much, but this incredible lady is the glue that holds all of this together.  Alla is an amazing mother, wife, nurse, and business partner.  She seems to have 30 hours in the day the way she gets things done.  If you are lucky enough to meet her you will be happy you did.  She embodies everything Riverside strides towards in guest satisfaction.  She always makes time to chat about your vacation and help you with anything you need while here.  We couldn’t exist with out Alla.

Jackson - Guide in Training

Jackson is one of our young guides in training.  You will see him around the raft center “helping” with rafting duties.  He is always eager to talk and although he may not know that much about the area he will sure tell you what you should do and where you should go.  Jackson will have just completed his Kindergarten year in school when you see him this summer.  Be sure to say hi.

Lucas - Guide in Training / Mischief Maker at Hand

Lucas is our youngest Guide in Training.  Barely able to see over the steering wheel, he still somehow is able to find himself on top of the raft stack and other precarious places.  Lucas knows no fear.  He is also the most determined of all our staff at Riverside.  Once he has made his mind up no one is able to tell him otherwise.  You will see him sometimes trying to help us but usually causing some sort of ruckus.