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Helmcken Falls Rim Trail Hiking Information

Find all the information you need to explore the Helmcken Falls Rim Trail right here!

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 2.5 to 3 hours

Distance: 8 km round-trip

Elevation Change: 65 meter decent (virtually unnoticeable)

Start: Helmcken Falls Rim Trail Parking Lot.  Km 42.4 on the Clearwater Valley Road.  Before the 1 lane bridge over Mushbowl Falls.

Trail Conditions: Some roots across the walking path but nothing to get too excited about.  Can be wet and muddy at times.  No fence along canyon edge.  Keep a leash on your kids and an eye on your pets.

Driving Information: From the Wells Gray Tourism Center you will turn right on the Clearwater Valley Road.  This road is the only access to the park corridor.  You will follow this road 42.4 km to a sign on the right “Helmcken Falls Rim Trail” pointing you to a parking lot on the left side.  If you reach a 1 lane bridge over Mushbowl Falls you have gone too far.

Clearwater Valley Corridor Map

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Trail Information

With an easy level of difficulty this is one hike we recommend to almost anyone.  Some roots across trail but nothing major.  Slight elevation change but virtually unnoticeable.  Beautiful Wells Gray forest surrounding you for the whole walk. After 20 or so minutes you will begin to walk along the side of Murtle River which feeds Helmcken Falls.  About 20 minutes from the falls you will start to hear and feel the deep rumble that tells you something amazing is up ahead.  Once you get to the view points you must be careful as there is no fence along the edge of the rim.  Keep a leash on your kid and an eye on your pets.  Once you reach the point where you can see the falls don’t stop.  There are many different spectacular views along the next 10 minutes of trail.  This trail stops and you will return along the route you took on your way in.

Disclaimer: Use trails and this information at own risk.  Riverside Adventures does not accept any responsibility in the even of an injury or death while hiking these trails.  Use of common sense is required while hiking in the mountains.

Safety Information

What to bring:

– Good hiking shoes or boots

– Warm layers (depending on time of year)

– long sleeve t-shirt and pants (mosquitoes)

– Bug spray

– Water

– Snacks (or a picnic)

– Bear spray (just in case)

– Book on local Flora/Fauna

What to look out for:


– Mosquitoes

– Tripping hazards

– Bears (if you see cubs mama is near by)

– Devils Club (you would have to leave the trail)



Trail Information