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Wells Gray Park Summertime Waterfall Hikes

A comprehensive guide to the best waterfall hikes in the Wells Gray Provincial Park corridor.  Maps, Starting Locations, Distance, Time, Difficulty, and any points of interest on the walk at your fingertips.

Are you tired of trying to find all those amazing sights where the pictures that drew you to the area were taken?  We know we are.  At Riverside Adventures we want everyone to get to see as much of the amazing park we call home.  With 42 named Waterfalls and counting, we feel it would be a shame to get lost and miss time you could use to explore Canada’s Waterfall Park.

On this page you will find a comprehensive list of the Waterfalls along the Wells Gray Park corridor and details on how to go see these wonders for yourself.

Below we provide easy to follow instructions for finding all the great trails and hikes that lead to our magnificent waterfalls.  By Clicking the different waterfall pictures, you will find all the information you need including Starting Locations, Distance from vehicle, Time, Route Difficulty, Maps, and any points of interest on the hike.  If you need any advice on which hikes and sights to see and you have a certain amount of time or physical ability please head over to our Suggested Hikes and Sights page for a great guide.

If you want an even more immersive experience please feel free to contact us about a guided waterfall tour with one of our experienced guides.

Click on the pictures you like for more hiking information.

Helmcken Falls Rim Trail – 2.5 to 3 Hours

We wanted to start the list with our favorite hike in the park.  The Helmcken Falls Rim Trail gives you a view of the falls that is absolutely different than the viewpoint on the other side.  You can get extremely close to the edge of the falls so be careful.  There is also no fence on the cliff on this trail so make sure to keep track of children and animals.  With little elevation change this is a hike suitable for everyone!When the sun hits the falls just right, 2 upside down rainbows appear in the mist of the falls.  Pure Majesty.

Helmcken Falls


a large waterfall in a forest

Helmcken Falls view from Rim Trail

a waterfall with smoke coming out of it

Gatling Gorge below Helmcken Falls

a waterfall surrounded by trees

Moul Falls and McDiarmid Falls

Moul Falls is a guest favorite for a reason.  It is gorgeous. It has a substantial water curtain.  You can Walk Behind It!  How often do you get to walk behind an epic waterfall?  I know I didn’t need any more convincing.  What could make this hike even cooler you ask.  One of the least seen named waterfalls in the park is just 20 minutes past Moul Falls.  McDiarmid Falls is one of the truly hidden gems of the park.

Moul Falls

a large waterfall over some water

McDiarmid Falls

a large waterfall over some water

McDiarmid Falls high water

a large waterfall

Triple Decker Falls and Candle Creek Falls

This hike is another top pick for us.  You get 2 amazing waterfalls 1 of which you can walk behind, you are in the shaded forest so you can keep cooler on a hot day, and you can pick from 2 routes.  You can either do a round trip coming back from Candle Creek Falls the way you came, or if you have 2 vehicles you can keep going past Candle Creek Falls and continue right on to Dutch Lake in Clearwater.  Both are fantastic walks but if you can manage it we suggest the 2 vehicle approach.

Triple Decker Falls

a waterfall with trees on the side of a mountain

Candle Creek Falls

a waterfall in a forest

Behind Candle Creek Falls

a large waterfall

Silvertip Falls

This is the actual tallest falls in the park but unlike Helmcken Falls, Silvertip Falls cascades down rocks and does not have as large a free fall.  Nevertheless this is one spectacular place to visit that should be on everybody’s list.

Base of Silvertip Falls

a waterfall in a forest

Top of Silvertip Falls

a waterfall with a mountain in the background

Chance our Photographer at the top

a man riding a wave on top of a mountain