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Triple Decker Falls and Candle Creek Falls Hiking Information

All the info you will need to have a great time exploring these wonders!

Difficulty to Triple Decker Falls: Medium

Difficulty from Triple Decker to Candle Creek Falls: Medium

Time to Triple Decker Falls: 40 minute round trip

Time from Triple Decker to Candle Creek Falls: 1.5 hours round trip

Distance to Triple Decker Falls: 1 km round trip to base of falls

Distance between Falls: 3.5 km round trip from Triple Decker Falls to Candle Creek Falls

Elevation Change to Triple Decker Falls: 50 meter decent

Elevation Change between Falls:  140 meter decent between falls

Driving Information: From the Wells Gray Tourism Center you will turn right on the Clearwater Valley Road. This road is the only access to the park corridor.  Parking is on the left 4.3 km up the Clearwater Valley Road.  You will pass Greer Road on your right about 500 meters before the parking.  Parking is directly after a concrete barricades on both sides of the road.  Pull off to the left directly after the barricade and you will see a small parking area but no signage.

Trail Conditions:  Fairly easy to follow with some steep sections.  Steepest section is between Triple Decker Falls and Candle Creek Falls.

Clearwater Valley Corridor Map

Trail Information

Trail to Triple Decker Falls:

Medium Difficulty with a steady uphill hike back to the parking lot.  Trail has blue dots painted on trees marking the way but could use better signage.  Mostly nice trails with some over growth and some roots.

Trail from Triple Decker to Candle Creek:

Longer obviously with a only one steep section slightly worse than the trail to Triple Decker.  There is a cliff band you will follow down and around to get to the falls.  Same as above mostly nice trail with some brush and roots.

Disclaimer: Use trails and this information at own risk.  Riverside Adventures does not accept any responsibility in the even of an injury or death while hiking these trails.  Use of common sense is required while hiking in the mountains.

Safety Information

What to bring:

– Good hiking shoes or boots

– Warm layers (depending on time of year)

– long sleeve t-shirt and pants (mosquitoes)

– Bug spray

– Water (you can refill from Silvertip Creek!)

– Snacks (or a picnic)

– Bear spray (just in case)

– Book on local Flora/Fauna

What to look out for:

– Bears (if you see cubs mama is near by)

– Mosquitoes

– Tripping hazards

– Devils Club (you would have to leave the trail)